Develop Equitable Financing Mechanism



This project involves the development of an equitable financing mechanism through the introduction of a system to channel funds directly to health care facilities to ensure that funds allocated are utilized for their intended purpose.



Implementing Ministry (MDAS):
Ministry of Health.
Country Wide
Health (Medical Services and Public Services and Sanitation)
MTP Target:
Efficient utilisation of funds operational in the Health Sector. Health Sector Service Fund and Social Health Insurance Scheme put in place.
Annual Target:
Equitable financing mechanism strategy developed.


A Cabinet memorandum on review of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to expand the social health insurance is developed and submitted to Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance.

The NHIF cover for outpatients was piloted in Mumias and Nairobi Counties and a proposal to roll out outpatient covers was gazetted. A Legal Notice (No. 155) dated 16th October 2009 on hospital management services was published to strengthen financial management in hospitals. Various hospital committees are gazetted and inaugurated.

Hospital managers and committees were trained on Financial Management. Output based approach on Reproductive Health which aims at enabling poor women of reproductive age access quality reproductive health through the application of a voucher system piloted and now is being scaled up.


To develop a financing mechanism to enhance access to healthcare and financial Management in hospitals.


Enhanced access to healthcare services.
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